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Dieta Saludable

Personalized diet

No two people are the same, so no two diets are the same. Our nutritionists carry out a series of anthropometric studies in order to elaborate an individualized diet that allows you to acquire healthy habits of life.


At your pharmacy

The nutritionists of Super Premium Diet are present in more than 3,000 pharmacies throughout Spain, where, together with the pharmacist, they serve thousands of people every day who want to acquire healthy lifestyle habits and lose weight.

Atención Personalizada

On line

In addition to the pharmacy, through this platform you can rely on the support of a doctor, a therapist, a trainer, a chef, a dermo-aesthetic advisor and your nutritionist on line, whom you can consult and receive their help wherever you are.

Online Advice

Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, personalized attention. 

  • Your Nutritionist

    You can consult all your questions about your diets and appointments with our nutritionistonline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will also have access to the progress of your weightand your anthropometric measurements. 

  • Your Doctor

    When we want to take care of our health, we always have medical questions and we don'talways have someone to answer them. With Super Premium Diet you have the advice of adoctor who will solve your questions.

  • Your Dermo-aesthetic Counselor

    A professional aesthetician will help you with non-invasive dermo-aesthetic treatments, theresult of the combination of exclusive technology reaching down to the deepest layers of theskin, thus ensuring visible results from the first session.

  • Training Exercise Tables

    A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and physical activity are the three main pillars of a healthylifestyle. For this reason, we have a personal trainer at your disposal who will help you with theelaboration of personalized exercise tables.

  • Easy recipes

    We help you to make your diet more enjoyable, explaining original and simple recipesprepared in a healthy and tasty way. All this with the incorporation of new culinary techniques,so that your dishes do not lose flavor and gain in health.

  • Tips and resources

    We provide you with advice, resources and tools to help you feel good, but first, we informyou in depth about the physical and psychological aspects so that you learn to know yourselfbetter.