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Aquadren Antioxidante
Drains the organism and reduces body volume
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  • And it also:

    • Has a high antioxidant power.

    • Reduces fluid retention.

    • Cleanses the body of toxins.

    • Boosts the effects of other CellActive®

    Active Ingredients: Artichoke, Corn Stigmata, Horsetail, Grenada and Acerola or
    antillas cherry.

    Directions for use: Doctor Fernández Fuentes recommends the intake of 20 ml in one and a half litres of water and drink throughout the day.
    Measuring cap included.

    Combine with CellActive® facial and body treatments to boost its benefits. Consult the Medical Division in the event of: hypersensitivity to ingredients. Children, pregnancy, breastfeeding.