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Aquadren Retención
Powerful drainer with diuretic and venotonic effects.
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  • And it also:

    • Reduces fluid retention.

    • Favours venous return.

    • Has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oede matous effect.

    • Is your perfect ally against cellulite.

    • Boosts the effects of other CellActive® Treatments.

    Active Ingredients: Horse chestnut, meadowsweet, Dandelion, Ortosyphon, golden rod, cherry and birch

    Directions for use: Doctor Fernández Fuentes recommends the intake of 1 capsule per day, preferably in the morning.
    Combine with CellActive® facial and body treatments to boost

    its benefits. Consult the Medical Division in the event of:
    hypersensitivity to ingredients. Children, pregnancy, breastfeeding.